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Experience is the way that we all learn things, however it is for knowing good from bad. Here at CrossFitness, we have crafted an ambience that would push your existing drive for health and fitness. The unisex gym is full equipped with modern fitness instruments and highly qualified trainers. At Cross fitness we believe in personal training for everyone. We have special sessions for men, women, young adults, older people, people with ailments, pregnant women, and special people. We make sure that every individual receives an undivided attention towards reaching their fitness goal.

Come, join and experience the professional gymnasium rightly made for you. Our professional training sessions help you easily shed out those extra fat and let's you have complete control over your body.


CrossFitness Women

Unlike men, women need special needs to be concerned when it comes their exercises and training programmes.
The studio organises periodic medical survey with the trained physician and experienced nutritionists. Women trainers help you in each of your step towards the goal is a positive journey.

Regular Workouts


Love your body – give it all it wants – get in shape. Burn yourself at Crossfitness, so you perform well in all other parts of your life. Be your sculptor – not only your body, but also your mind and soul – as a healthy body is the home of a sound mind and solid soul.

Cardio Exercises


Pick our extensive cardio exercise programs and start working out the way your heart wants it. Starting from simple stretches our training modules are aimed to help your healthy heart stay healthy and pumping – and in turn you will be burning your excess fat get in shape.

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What we provide?


Exercises that are vital for keeping your heart healthy and active for your energetic performance during the day. The customised programmes aims to strengthen your cardio-vascular muscles and reduces the risks of coronary diseases.

General Fitness

Everyday fitness is

Aerobics, Zumba, Dance, Yoga